Team Development Workshops

Maximizing team effectiveness: overcoming frictions and enhancing efficiency.

Is your team working as effectively and efficiently as it could be?

Do you find yourself managing conflicts again and again?

In a high-performing team, communication is fluid: purpose and goals are clear to everyone, lines of communication are open and clear, conflicts are dealt with swiftly, and people feel safe to express their opinions. These teams are more innovative, more creative, more efficient, and more effective.

Working on these issues together in customised and experiential workshops, you and your team will learn about different barriers to effective team communication and strategies for overcoming them to improve collaboration and teamwork. You will also learn that talking clearly and concisely is only one part of good communication. Listening well is also a vitally important part of leading a team. We will work on active listening techniques that can help you be a better listener when leading teams and help team members listen to and hear each other better.

The better you communicate, the faster change happens.

86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.


Workshop Themes

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these workshops, or we can design one specific to you:

  • 7 Leadership skills for success
  • Communicate to influence
  • Build resilience in times of change
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Motivating and engaging your team
  • Impactful presentations
During these workshops, we look at the context, needs, and objectives of your team and the business. Then we design a workshop program that best supports you and your team’s purpose. We set measurable goals that are aligned with your business objectives. To ensure that participants feel inspired and engaged, we divide the time between insights, experience, reflecting, and sharing.  All workshops are customised to your needs and context and can be delivered online or in person by one or more facilitators. 

We run the workshops in person or virtually, depending on locations. 

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