Individualised Leadership Coaching

Unleash your potential: overcome stagnation, upgrade your skills, and pivot your career

Feeling stuck? Need to raise your game?
Preparing for a career change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then individualised leadership coaching is for you! People often believe that coaching is only for those who are having problems at work. That is simply not true! While many people do contact executive coaches in times of crisis, often, leaders use executive coaches to help accelerate an already brilliant career.

The purpose of executive coaching is to “raise your game”.

Together, we assess what your hurdles are and what you need to do to get over them. I help you take the abilities and skills you already have and build upon them.

Coaching in the workplace is an ongoing conversation between the employee and the coach. The goal is to work on areas that need improvement and build on strengths to keep the employee’s performance moving forward. In other words, workplace coaching involves enabling employees to be the best they can be.

Choosing a career coach is an important decision. You need to choose someone who you can trust and who has the experience you need to help you achieve your goals.

Successful leaders are continually making small adjustments in how they communicate and interact depending on the circumstances.

Choosing a leadership coach

5 Key questions to ask when choosing a leadership coach

  • Does the coach have the relevant professional experience?
  • Does he/she have the appropriate certifications?
  • Do you think you can get along with this coach?
  • Do you think the coach can challenge you when you need him/her to?
  • Do the ways of working correspond with your expectations?
Coaching Topics

We would be a good match if you are looking to develop in any of these areas:

Communicating with impact and intent

Are you finding it difficult to get buy-in to your ideas? Is your team experiencing communications overload? Finding it difficult to give and get feedback?

Communication is your asset to business leadership. Communicating clearly and intentionally requires that you to adapt to your audience and be genuine. You need to find your unique voice and avoid sounding like someone else or using unclear “corporate speak”. It is important to let what you say reflect who you are, what your common goals are and what’s important to both you and your audience. People want true, authentic leadership and will respect and follow you when you communicate with clarity, impact, and intent.

Managing difficult conversations and conflicts

Do you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations?

Tough conversations are ideal opportunities for you to lead by example. Understanding and managing assumptions and emotions are key, especially when dealing with sensitive topics. Through specific techniques, you will learn how address different conflict situation and turn them into opportunities. You will learn to keep an open mind and avoid making incorrect assumptions. You will also explore how your own needs and fears may influence your communication style, and how to manage that.

Leading in times of change

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by the changes in your organisation? Feeling burned out? Is your team going silent? Resigning?

Leading during times of change is a skill set all 21st-century leaders need to master. To do that, leaders must talk about the big picture and the details of the change early and often, and they must model key behaviours and demonstrate resiliency.

Resiliency can help a company succeed by encouraging employees to face challenges with confidence and learn from their mistakes. Knowing what resilience is and how to build it in yourself and your team can help you develop a skilled, flexible team. It can also help prevent burnout. When people’s mental health is better, they are less likely to miss work or be late, which makes them more productive at work.

Most importantly, by creating a culture of openness and empathy, leaders can help employees better understand the vision behind the change and embrace that change as a positive evolution. During our sessions, you will gain deep insights and practical tips to be more resilient and effective in leading change.

Building a confident leadership presence

Has someone told you that you need to improve your “leadership presence”? To take more space and inspire more? Could this impact your career evolution?

Leadership presence is an elusive quality, and a statement like the above can mean many things. Through deep exploration, you will better understand what leadership presence means for you. You will learn to connect with others honestly, build their trust, and inspire and motivate them to act. It’s also being able to take charge of a room, and assume a leadership role among different groups, without dominating or silencing others. During coaching, you will develop and build your leadership presence so that it becomes easier for you to share your thoughts and opinions with confidence, “take space”, and to find a good balance between talking and listening so that your style of communication is both convincing and compelling.

Managing career transitions

Are you preparing for a promotion? Been made redundant? Considering changing careers?

Regardless of the situation, career transitions are pivotal moments in a person’s life. If managed well, it can lead to accelerated growth and deep personal satisfaction.

For companies and HR departments, investing in their employees’ professional growth can avoid costly resignations, boost the company’s overall productivity, and help with succession planning.

The first step is committing to your growth and development as a leader, no matter how accomplished you are. Whether you have a clear idea of where you want to go or are simply managing the emotions of the situation, individualised coaching can help you formulate a plan and gain the critical skills you need to be successful in your next career step.

Interested in learning more?

If any of these topics resonate with you, please get in touch. Together, we look at your context, needs, and objectives. Then we tailor-make the coaching program that suits you and your goals. We set measurable goals that are aligned with your business and personal purpose. We then embark on your program, typically over a 3–9-month period. We can work virtually or face-to-face, depending on location.

“The easier it is to communicate, the faster change happens.”.